Old Photos Re-Visited

Its been almost 4 years since I started doing photography. I’ve recently been looking back at some of my early photos and decided to start picking some at random and re-touching them in photoshop. Back then I also didn’t do any re-touching at all since photoshopping was “bad”. All I my post-shoot work was done in Lightroom.

Nowdays, I barely use Lightroom at all other than catalogue and the most basic things like exposure and white balance. Everything else is done in Photoshop. However I still don’t like using liquify and for the most part I’ve managed to avoid it 😀

Here is are the photos I’ve done so far.


Shot on Kodak Portra 160NC I think?  I had it developed and  “pro” scanned at Michaels. I had gone to them previously but after this I decided never to go with them ever again. The jpg files where over-sharpened and had a nasty green colour cast.  I fixed that with colour balance adjustment layers, softened skin, dodged and burned. Though I really need to re-scan the negatives myself and start again.


One of the first cosplay meets I attended. I was just shooting available light with no reflector. I went backwards and forwards with dodging and burning for ages before settling on this version which still looks fairly natural at least. I now always try and shoot with at least a reflector or fill flash of some sort.

Celina from Fables in Fashion

One of the first photos of I took of Celina. The reflection from the grass left an icky green colour cast in the shadows. The white balance slider wasn’t going to cut it, so again masked colour balance adjustment layers in photoshop. Dodged the highlights in the hair, corrected eye colour where the natural iris was showing underneath the contact lens.


From the first ever studio shoot. The original selections weren’t quite right I think. selected ones that looked good rather than things that were important to the character (In this case, the rings). I cleaned up the fly aways from the wig, smoothed the background and my standard dodge/burn skin.


Even though this was studio, somehow the Sony A700/Adobe Camera Raw still managed to mess up the skin colour. This was the number 1 reason why I made the switch to Nikon. Cleaned up the skin a little bit then spent AGES with masked colour balance, hue, vibrance adjustment.

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