The Epic…

I’ve been working quite a lot with aomarine and a little bit with aya-tan on their Zektbach cosplay project, AO spent lot of time planning trying to secure a suitable times and locations and it all came together in August. We also did a Kuroshitsuji shoot during the same time period. During the rest of the year we did various other Zektbach related shoots given weather and time constraints.

Also a big thankyou to all our assitants Rei, Linc, Faith who helped us out on various shoots, also Regan who happened to be at Melbourne Uni and helped us out too! Also to Hayden and Elaine who were second photographers and assistants for the Kuroshitsuji shoot.

Its an absolute pleasure working with AO 😀 We’ve still got a few more Zektbach shoots planned, so weather, location, and time willing there will be many more shoots!

Below is are photos from each of the shoots, you can click through to see the complete set.


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