1930s Fashion Shoot

A few weeks ago, I worked with Annie for some fashion photography. Normally, I have the pleasure of photgraphing Annie while she’s in cosplay or modelling one of her stylish outfits. This time however, she took the role of designer / art-director as I photographed some of her unique creations for a uni assignment.

Celina was MUA for us on the day. It was great to work with her again and seeing her work. Sarah and Jennifer were our models for the day and they were lovely to chat to not to mention fantastic and very professional models. It was a full team effort!

The location we chose was the Manchester Unity Arcade. This was an ideal location, with the interior matching the time period inspiring Annie’s designs. The arcade is a somewhat public area, therefore lightstands and flashes were out of the question.

I shot available light, at maximum aperture (f2.8) ISO 1600-3200. I’ve been using the Nikon D700 and it performed wonderfully never missing focus even in the dim light. Eventually though, I was forced to use bounce flash as the light was simply too dim to capture the details of the long evening gown.

The suit was finished a little bit later and we had to shoot on a weekday. A weekday shoot meant more general public, and less time to prepare and shoot. We waited for the right moment, Sarah jumped in front of the lift doors and we shot the outfit. It was all over in 5 minutes but we got the shot!

Annie is very driven and passionate about all things fashion.  She designed and made  all four outfits herself. All this while planning a runway show! “Sleep is for the weak!” is her catch cry. She is one of the many people that inspire me to be a better photographer.

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